Supporting Reshuffle Cabinet

By : Ertama

Three days ago, President Jokowi had reshuffled his cabinet. Jokowi must do it because previously two ministers had caught by Corruption Eradicating Commission or known as KPK. Those caught had punched Jokowi’s cabinet reputation. Because of that Jokowi should do reshuffle cabinet.

Second reason why reshuffle cabinet must be done is several ministers who were changed maybe they were not give maximal efforts to support Jokowi’s cabinet output and outcome. Some of them may do political blunder or bureaucracy mistake but only Jokowi had know about the background of reshuffle cabinet reason.

Awesome and interesting lastly reshuffle cabinet because Jokowi’s decision has been supporting by businessman communities, political pundits and several prominent figures who were gave positive responds on lastly reshuffle cabinet but many of “opposition” have different responds on reshuffle cabinet but this is a normal in democracy climate.

Through Jokowi’s reshuffle cabinet movement, he wants to deliver strategic message if he does not give more political tolerant above ministers mistake movement and Jokowi wants to make truly political reconciliation with his former rivals during previously presidential elections.

Obviously, reshuffle cabinet movement has brave, constitutional and brilliant Jokowi’s decision. Through this movement, Jokowi also sending a messages to 6 new ministers must fastly move and make strategic and precisely decisions to handle and overcome their ministerial offices and programs previously which took problems. Jokowi wants all of his cabinet members must solid, loyalty and obey to the President. If they are not do this, Jokowi will kick them out. Hopefully, we can gain possitive output and outcome from currently government efforts for our lovely country and nation.

The writer is political observer. He had graduated for famous university in Jakarta.

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